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Serious Cleaning  Services

Dependable & Affordable Solutions

Serious cleaning services provides dependable and affordable cleaning services, using the latest cleaning technology. That is the reason we invest in education programs for our team of specialists. We also invest in advanced equipment as well as products. Many cleaning companies in the market may cut corners. You will receive the very best from us.

Corporate Cleaning

We are the corporate cleaning company in Calgary. We understand that maintaining a welkept and favorable impression in the corporate world is a challenge. our team of Office Cleaners can take complete care of sustaining a neat and clean office premises,

Retail cleaning

 If you are looking for the most experience retail cleaning company, we have an experienced team that is ready to assist with all your cleaning needs. We will provide you with a tailor made cleaning for your specific needs, it is not one fits all service. Seriouse cleaning will ensure you have a clean and safe environment for your staff and your customers.

Medical Cleaning

We have certified specialists who are heavily trained and given the latest equipment together with chemicals needed to handle your Medical facility. We do background checks for all our staff,  they are id badged, insured, bonded, and Uniformed.

We will apply Bio-Shield to your TouchPoints, Waiting Areas, Restrooms at No extra cost.

Industrial Cleaning 

For all your industrial business cleaning needs, Consider hiring a Serious cleaning company.  We have a specialized team of experts. We will ensure that your factory is super clean and the working environment is clean and tidy.

Specialty Cleaning

We are Specialty Cleaning Professionals. We offer rigorous training as well as testing in a variety of specialty cleaning services. We will ensure you get exceptional results. Our specialty cleaning company provides cleaning services that are overseen by certified trained personnel.

Post Construction and Window cleaning

Our cleaning services are available 24/7. Clean windows bring in the right amount of natural light, ensuring your space is bright. We provide excellent quality cleaning that will leave you satisfied and impressed. We will meet all your cleaning needs. Our prices are very reasonable for all budgets.


Carpet Cleaning

We will thoroughly clean all varieties of carpets to achieve great results. The Carpets which are cumbersome task to accomplish by yourself forms part of our leading cleaning service. We use non-messy methods to clean your carpet and restore its old vibrancy.


Food Service Cleaning

 Keeping a clean restaurant is a way of ensuring an excellent Customer Service experience. We have a customized cleaning program that will fit your unique restaurant cleaning need. We have well-trained professionals with modern equipment and techniques. Our team will sparkle clean your restaurant making your customers happy and become a repeat customer.


 Serious cleaning cooler case cleaner provides a simple and effective solution for the maintenance of your refrigerator display cases. We have a powerful wet vacuum and a pressure washer with built-in indoor, our final result will be a clean, safe, as well as odor-free coolers that are operating at peak efficiency.

Why you Choose us?

Trusted & Experienced

Our company performs a drug screen and background check for all our employees before hiring them. We also ensure that all our team members are experienced and are up-to-date on the latest in cleaning technologies, techniques, and products.

Reliable & Fully Insured

When most cleaning companies simply wipe the dirt away, our company will take a comprehensive approach toward cleaning. We recognize that cleaning is about ensuring that your commercial and residential property looks excellent. Our crews are fully bonded, insured, and very trustworthy.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We do understand that the cleanliness of your business premises is not just a matter of appearance; it is a matter of health. Serious cleaning company has a team of experienced professionals who has only one concern: your satisfaction. If you are not fully satisfied with our services, contact us within 24 hours and we will come back for free.

No Contracts

We unbderstand how difficult it might be for your business to create a contract document for day to day operation. Hence our services doesnt require you to create a contract/ long term obligation with us.

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Should I be at home on the day of cleaning?

Most of our customers will prefer scheduling for cleaning appointments when they are away for the day, or at work, however, others love to be at home throughout the process. It will depend on you. You will receive a guaranteed superior cleaning service, despite your schedule.

What do I do if I am unsatisfied with the cleaning?

 Your satisfaction is our plight. Therefore we provide you with a guaranteed 24 hours. If due for any reason, you become unsatisfied with our cleaning services, just contact us through our phone number within 24 hours. We will surely come back and re-clean the area you are dissatisfied with, at no cost

How do I make payment for my cleaning services?

We need our payments done at service time. We will accept debit card payments, credit cards, as well as payment via cash or check. If you are to pay for your services by the credit card, you can visit our online payment center to make payment for your cleaning services.

What will be the means to enter my home on the scheduled cleaning days?

1. You can provide us with your key. 2. You can also leave your key under the doormat on the cleaning day. 3. You may leave the door unlocked on the day of cleaning. It depends on you, whatever is most comfortable for you

What should I do before you arrive?

You should straighten up the best way possible for your cleaners. Thus the cleaners may focus their efforts on cleaning up grime and dust. We like it if people straighten up or pick up their items, like clothes and toys.